New Scouts Clothing

Conventional men's style in its simplest form and function made specifically for Women.

New Scouts is the parent company of Dye Co; it's the project that started it all and got us into the diverse world of queer-minded commodities in the first place. Created in the summer of 2013, based on the basic idea that girls should have other clothing options, New Scouts began making shirts for the unconventional woman. Whether you consider yourself a tomboy or alternative or just prefer the comfort of clothing that is traditionally advertised for men, we've made shirts to suit you and your body. Our batches are small, locally sewn and thoroughly inspected with consideration for your needs because we believe in the value of doing things right without compromising quality or identity.

The New Scouts' difference means giving you what you need rather than telling you what to wear based on somebody else's idea of cool -- because you're already cool. You know who you are and that's why we like you. 

Proudly sewn in California.