Friends, Out and About

Ode to Portland

Portland, oh Portland, how you charm me upon every visit. There are drinks; there are trees; there are bikes; there are dogs; there are magnificently designed logos on Dwell-magazine-worthy walls; I could go on. And your sneaky and persuasive 85 degree weather makes summertime the perfect recruiting season for out-of-towners. One particular highlight of the trip was getting together with some co-workers at Laurelhurst park for horseshoes, frisbee, and a barbecue. I don't think I've actually ever played horseshoes, in fact, how does one even acquire a set of horse shoes? But someone had them and we had a pretty good time tossing them around and dodging for our lives.

Towards the end of the horseshoe extravaganza, my dearest Portland friends, whose motorcycle wouldn't start, biked over for a sweaty goodbye. They'd heard about the New Scouts project and were down to let me photograph them wearing the shirt. By this time however the sun was setting and the mosquitos were out for blood -- landing on my EYELIDS while I was trying to snap shots. So to my friends, thanks for your commitment. 

I'll be back in Portland again soon because I really just can't get enough of the sweet weather, the good food and the amazing people. 'Til we meet again. Swoon.

// Malia //