Out and About, Friends

A Weekend In SF

Spending the last weekend of June in San Francisco was the perfect way to say "Peace!!" to the morning June glooms we were feeling in Los Angeles. SF was in maximum show-off mode: we're talking 80 degree sunshine with clear blue skies...AKA take that long sleeve shirt you wore 'just in case' and kick it to the curb (or politely ask the bag carrier of your group to carry it ;). It seemed all SF inhabitants were out walking their dogs, eating their breakfasts on sidewalks and patios, and taking their sweet time to sop up the weather and point out the flowers on their walking commutes. The entire time we all thought "Yep, we could live here." 

We had ventured to SF in order to celebrate Pride and not only did we have an amazing time exploring and strolling the hills of Cole Valley, Golden Gate Park and the Castro near where we stayed but we got to surround ourselves with SERIOUSLY cool women at Delores Park. We cracked up, joked, chatted and took a thousand photographs with old and new friends set on a colorful landscape with so many feathers and so many flags. We had heard prior to the trip that due to construction, Delores Park wasn't going to be as good this year. Wrong. We should have known there's nothing on this planet that could keep that degree of celebration down. Those attending -- characteristically and particularly independent free-thinking women -- were there basking in freedom and the right to total and complete happiness. That's a pretty amazing phenomenon and something we always want to surround ourselves with.  It's because of this freedom and all of these forward-thinking mindsets that we can break down all kinds of barriers in place around us and claim our identities with our own definitions -- nobody else's. For us at New Scouts, that's eliminating gender-biased clothing so thanks ladies for being you. And thanks for being so magical and accepting, SF. See you again soon.

// Melaney . Malia //