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Strolling the Auto Show

Cars with hydraulics and brand new paint jobs, ice cream trucks, smoking barbecues, laughing families and plenty of chihuahuas make up this auto show at Elysian Park in LA. There are those special and particular days when you can look around and really feel that overwhelming satisfaction in loving where you live. Today's one of those days. We borrowed a friend's 1975 Mercedes for an afternoon shoot with the shirt and one shortcut through Elysian Park turned into a one hour pitstop full of nods, smiles and signals of comaraderie as we had just by chance taken our vintage Mercedes to the perfect place. We were in the company of El Caminos, Torinos, Caprices, Eldorados, Lincoln IVs, Vs, VIs and every vintage make and model in between. The air was thick with pride exuding from the owners and their families. Rightfully so, as these cars were more like museum pieces cared for by a multi-generational knowledge of the machines carefully passed along. From the custom paint jobs to the hydraulics to the sound systems to the matching rims, the owners knew and cared for their cars like children. How better to relish in that hard work than with friends, burgers, and beers? We dig all things with engines and hold mad respect for the art of revival and care for these old beauties and beasts. 

// Melaney . Malia //