What Is?

It's a forum; it's a blog; it's a shop; but mostly it's an effort to connect the dots of this life and this social network I consider myself a part of.  It's about making my community bigger by making it feel smaller. In 2013, my girlfriend and I started a clothing company because I realized the clothing I wanted to wear didn't exist. Since it wasn't being done, then I could, no should do it. DIY or DIE I like to say (a tattoo my girlfriend forbids me to get...or do myself ;) -- but what I found was that there ARE women doing it, not many, but some. I found myself in a world of queer women doing not just clothing but other extremely amazing things. Turns out there are some products already available to suit my lifestyle. The task was to uncover it all and the fun was in making new friends along the way. And that's what I want to dedicate myself to: introducing you to products made with our similar lifestyles in mind and generating conversations about life experiences we have, both unique and shared. I want to support and introduce you to these talented, ambitious, and extraordinary queer women, and that's what DYE CO is: a community building project. I hope to continue to discover who I am and who you are and see if we have something in common.


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